See Where the Cast of Everybody Loves Raymond Is Today

Photo by Jeff Kravitz // FilmMagic, Inc

Everybody Loves Raymond is an absolutely classic! The sitcom ran from 1996-2005 and featured a family with Ray Romano as the patriarch. With Romano’s antics, his lovable family, and some ridiculous scenarios, this show became a family favorite in many households. See where the cast of this beloved show is today.

Ray Romano as Ray Barone

After playing the protagonist of an iconic show, Ray Romano now enjoys playing supporting roles in various productions. The actor has graced both TV and movie screens, bringing a touch of nostalgia to each project he’s in. As for an Everybody Loves Raymond reboot, Romano made it clear that we shouldn’t hold our breath. The actor explained that the show wouldn’t be the same without all the original actors and, sadly, some have since passed. He insisted, “We want to leave with our legacy as what it is.”

Patricia Heaton as Debra Barone

After playing the family matriarch in Everybody Loves Raymond, Patricia Heaton went on to play another family matriarch in The Middle. The actress doesn’t seem to mind being typecast, as she’s played similar roles in various other productions as well. Heaton has also authored a book titled Your Second Act: Inspiring Stories of Reinvention.

Brad Garrett as Robert Barone

The world almost missed out on seeing Brad Garrett play Ray’s brother. The actor explained, “They wanted a Danny DeVito type, a little pit bull guy.” Well, they certainly got the exact opposite! We bet producers are glad they went with Garrett in the end, as the actor won three Emmys for his role. Garrett is still acting in movies and TV shows alike.

Doris Roberts as Marie Barone

Doris Roberts reminded everyone of their own mom as she portrayed Ray’s overbearing mother. In fact, when asked why the show was so successful, Roberts aptly said, “I think it’s still popular because it’s based on reality.” After the show ended, the actress continued to work in movies and TV shows, even reuniting with Heaton in The Middle. Sadly, Roberts passed away in 2016.

Peter Boyle as Frank Barone

Peter Boyle played Ray’s grumpy father perfectly! The actor went on to work in other productions after Everybody Loves Raymond wrapped. Clearly, Boyle enjoyed the show just as much as everyone else did!

Photo by Jeffrey Mayer // WireImage

The actor once said, “It’s a really good show, and I really feel good about it. It makes me happy.” Sadly, Boyle passed away in 2006.

Jamie Lee Curtis Defends Nepo Babies

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is currently riding the limelight for her recent post in support of Nepo Babies after the topic has been creating havoc in Hollywood. The entire conversation was sparked after a recent cover story in New York Magazine that called out these celebrity kids that the world seems to be obsessed with. Some of the popular names on the list included Dakota Johnson and Lily-Rose Depp.

Jamie Lee Curtis’s Post

Jamie Lee Curtis was once known as the product of nepotism, given that she is the daughter of actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. And for a long time that became her identity, which was very frustrating for her sometimes. The Halloween actress wrote in the post responding to the infamous article that the only objective behind the discussion regarding nepo kids is to make people feel bad, inferior, and wounded. She said she has successfully navigated 44 years of her life, and she is grateful for the benefits that she may have received due to her parents’ names. She added that she has never pretended that there are no benefits and never will. But it’s interesting for her to know how people instantly assume and sneer that someone connected to someone else who is well-known in their profession for their artistic endeavors must somehow be completely untalented.

An Ongoing Debate

She also said that she has always been a person of integrity who believes in the importance of professionalism and considers her work to be art. She believes she is not alone; there are a lot of people who have similar opinions and are committed to their work.