Elizabeth Gilbert Admits That Even She Needs a Daily Dose of Courage

Most of us have at least heard of Eat, Pray, Love, the interesting chronicle about the post-divorce adventure of Elizabeth Gilbert. With fascinating characters, transcending experiences, and incredible scenes, the iconic travel memoir spans India, Bali, and Italy. It starts from a place of deep crisis and goes through a journey of exploration and self-discovery. Let’s learn more about this excellent work and its author.

The Impact of the Novel

Eat, Pray, Love is the account of Elizabeth Gilbert making peace with her past and discovering her authentic self. The memoir, being an exceptional example of a woman’s journey, has inspired countless women around the world. It kickstarted many people’s quest for self-discovery and embracing the results. Countless fans have written to, or told Gilbert, that her novel has inspired them to do things of their own will- to begin or end a romance, to change their address or job, or belief, to embrace motherhood or avoid it, and many more. These radical shifts are profoundly transformative in life.

The Author’s View

Elizabeth Gilbert possesses a painting of Emily Dickinson, who wrote some of the most monumental poetries of all time, despite being cooped up in her bedroom for much of her life. As per Gilbert, the painting always reminded her to look inwards. As she explained, all the answers in our life are not supposed to be out there. It’s no doubt that the world is an enchanting place, but we too hold wonderful worlds inside of us, waiting to be unlocked and explored. But despite her characteristic lightness and trademark magical realism, equanimity doesn’t come easily to Elizabeth Gilbert. The author herself confessed that she needs a daily dose of courage to overcome the fear that she developed in life. She admits that there will be a nervous little person always hidden inside her, but she won’t stop fighting and searching for happy alternatives.