Identical Twins Have Been Dressing the Same for the Last 84 Years

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This is the extraordinary tale of Anne McQueen and Susan Briggs, identical twins from Utah, and their shared journey of dressing alike for a remarkable 84 years. This unique bond, documented by Anne’s grandson-in-law Mikey Metcalfe on TikTok, has recently gained viral fame, with videos showcasing their synchronized outfits amassing over 17 million views.

A Lifetime of Sartorial Unity

In a surprising twist this year, the octogenarian duo decided to embrace a spooky homage, dressing up like the twins from Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic, The Shining. A TikTok video captures them inviting their grandson to join them, echoing the eerie line, ‘Come watch with us deary’ in perfect unison.

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During an interview with The Washington Post, Anne and Susan traced the origins of their fashion synchronicity back to their mother, who started dressing them alike as infants. Over the years, this preference for matching outfits extended to their shopping habits, where they would routinely buy duplicates of everything. The twins revealed that this consistency provided not only a charming connection but also a practical advantage during April Fools’ Day pranks on their students.

Pranks and Commonalities

As retired health and physical education teachers, the twins shared a mischievous side, utilizing their identical appearances to play tricks on unsuspecting students. Anne reminisced about Susan entering her class during April Fools’ Day, causing students to erupt in disbelief.

Beyond their penchant for pranks, the twins discovered a multitude of shared interests, from being cat lovers to avid hikers. Their joint enthusiasm extends to TV shows, with Survivor and The Voice topping their watchlist. While their shared DNA is evident, Anne and Susan’s connection goes beyond appearances. In addition to speaking five times a day and catching up weekly, the twins exhibit a remarkable harmony in their preferences and habits.

“Incredibly Rare” Roman Mausoleum Uncovered Beneath London Construction Site

An Excavation Yielding an Incredible Result

An extraordinary archaeological find has come to light during construction work in the vibrant Southwark borough of South London. It’s a Roman mausoleum boasting remarkably well-preserved mosaic flooring. The Museum of London Archaeology has confirmed that this Roman mausoleum is the most intact ever discovered in Britain, making it an incredibly rare and significant historical artifact excavated in Europe.

Unveiling Roman Treasures

Unveiling Roman Treasures

Alongside the Roman mausoleum, the excavation yielded a fascinating array of artifacts, including pottery shards, roofing tiles, and coins. Notably, the site also revealed a collection of 80 Roman burials, likely utilized by the affluent residents of the city during ancient times. While no burial coffins were found, the absence of such remains does not diminish the significance of this discovery. Notably, this area of Southwark, located near popular tourist attractions such as Borough Market and London Bridge, has previously yielded other significant Roman treasures. These include a Roman sarcophagus displayed in 2017 and a splendid intact mosaic found in 2018. The mosaic was particularly noteworthy, as it represented the largest mosaic ever found in London. Its decorative elements, featuring geometric, floral, and columnar motifs, bore striking resemblances to a mosaic discovered in the German city of Trier.

Preserving History

Catherine Rose, a councilor for the London Borough of Southwark, expressed her admiration for the rediscovery of this Roman mausoleum and its exquisite mosaics, emphasizing how it adds to the rich tapestry of the area’s past. The site is co-owned by Landsec Developers, who will now proceed with their construction plans after the completion of the excavations. The mausoleum will be meticulously restored to its best possible condition and eventually opened to the public for display, allowing visitors to marvel at this extraordinary testament to ancient Roman craftsmanship and heritage. This remarkable find offers a captivating glimpse into the ancient Roman presence in London and underscores the importance of preserving the diverse layers of history.