102-Year-Old Woman Still Teaching Babies to Swim After More Than 50 Years

102-Year-Old Woman Teaches the Newer Generations How to Swim

What do you think you’ll be doing when you cross 100 years? Peggy Konzack is getting quite famous for teaching babies swimming – even at the age of 102 years, and she still plans on moving forward with full enthusiasm. The woman has taught many generations of kids how to swim at the YMCA of Douglas County and is known for her excellent teaching methods.

A Bit About Peggy’s History

Peggy Konzack was born in LA in 1921, and she met her lovely husband in her early teen years at a youth camp in Butte, Mont. Late in 1945, the couple moved to Roseburg, where Peggy is now living alone since her husband’s passing in 2021. Peggy was a stay-at-home mom of two kids who was studying to become a hairstylist when the opportunity from the YMCA knocked on her door, and she took the job without thinking twice. It’s been decades since she first joined, and she has never looked back because she really loves teaching little babies how to swim correctly so they can start their new journeys by staying fit and healthy.

Peggy’s YMCA Journey

Peggy’s YMCA Journey

Peggy continued to be active even after her husband’s passing and went daily for a swim at the YMCA pool. During that time, she got interested in participating in the parent-child swim classes along with a friend, for which she has now become the instructor and has been teaching incredibly since. Peggy has expressed many times that teaching kids and babies how to swim makes her feel very happy and enlightened, and she wants to continue her journey for as long as possible. She has even developed working relationships with many children’s parents and greatly enjoys their interactions. Peggy believes staying active is what made her fit and healthy – even now – and is the only key that everyone should follow for a healthier future.