Top 5 TikTok Beauty Tricks to Make You Younger From the Inside Out

If you think popular TikTok trends are only for Gen Z, well, you couldn’t be more wrong! This social media platform has something relevant for everybody. It’s especially full of creative and clever beauty hacks that help in solving the most aggravating beauty issues for women of all ages. Here we’ve gathered a few top tricks to make you look and feel much younger.

Glazed Manicure for Nail Ridges

A quick scroll through the beauty tricks in TikTok and you’ll surely get tempted to donut-glaze almost everything! It refers to a shimmery white hue created with beauty products, resembling the classic donut icing. It possibly works best for the nails because this glazed manicure reflects light onto your nails, perfectly camouflaging the ridges.

Slugging for Thinning Hair

This viral TikTok trend is a useful trick to boost the health and look of your hair. The process of slugging involves saturating your scalp with a healthy, nourishing oil like grapeseed oil. After applying, cover your head with a shower cap and leave it overnight before shampooing off the next morning. The linolenic acid, vitamin E, and polyphenols of grapeseed oil increase blood flow within the scalp, spurring the growth of hair follicles and thwarting shedding by fortifying roots. As a result, by reversing the thinning, you’ll get younger-looking long and healthy hair.

Tantouring for Double Chin

It’s a wonderful camera-ready technique spreading through TikTok. This tantouring process uses a self-tanner to create a shadow that visibly recedes your double chin, giving you a younger look. Dip a makeup brush into any self-tanning mousse of your choice. Then apply it along your jawline. Wait for two hours, and you can see the results.

Wet Skincare for Rough Patches

This TikTok trick really works wonders in rehydrating dry skin instantly. This viral technique of ‘wet skincare’ is all about applying a body lotion or moisturizer on damp skin immediately after showering. As our skin pores are most open after a shower, this allows the hydrating ingredients of the lotion to better penetrate and lock the moisture deep into the skin’s layer. As a result, the parched patches get alleviated, and you get a glowy complexion.

Face Taping for Forehead Lines

This is the latest spin on the already popular facelift tape trick. Apply sticky patches on your forehead each night before going to bed. This technique has a long-term impact on your skin. The patches hold muscles and skin taut overnight, limiting movement of your forehead. As a result, it effectively irons out deeper-set creases, leaving your facial skin looking much younger.