5 Genius Storage Tips to Keep Your Closet Tip-Top for the Seasons

Winter is coming! So is the time to put away your summer essentials. But, stashing them all away isn’t a wise thing to do. All your summer items need a little extra care and a few smart storage spaces to stay refreshed for next year. These closet-friendly storage ideas will help you keep your clothes in good condition.

Pre-Clean Bathing Suits with Dish Soap

Your favorite swimsuit has to endure a lot of things throughout the summer. From sunscreen stains to chlorinated water, bathing suits get subjected to various damage-causing seasonal elements. There’s a surprisingly easy storage tip for them – dish soap. It gently removes chemicals, sweat, and grease from the fabric of the swimsuit, helping preserve the piece in the process. Simply rub a little dish soap before throwing the suit in the wash, then just air-dry it and your suit will be ready to be packed away for the next season.

Stash the Sandals in Drink Boxes

Tossing strappy summer sandals inattentively in the back of your closet can lead to an unwanted tangled mess next spring. Instead, keep them sorted by using drink boxes as sandal storage closets. The bottle-sized compartment of a drink box is perfect for stashing one pair of sandals. But, if you got a lot of summer shoes in your home, just pick a bigger drink crate instead, and you can store multiple pairs easily in one of them.

Fend Off Wrinkles in Delicate Fabrics With Dryer Sheets

This handy storage tip works wonders in keeping your delicate summer fabrics looking freshly pressed. The first trick is to loosely roll lightweight fabrics like linen or silk, while storing them. It’s a must to not fold the items to avoid developing creases. Then, take dryer sheets and wrap one around each piece of rolled garment. The sheet relaxes the fibers of the fabric eliminating wrinkles, absorbs excess moisture that can otherwise cause mildew buildup, and keeps the clothes smelling fresh for a long time.

Ward off Pests in Knitwear With Lavender

Mothballs are the common elements to preserve knits. But, who doesn’t hate that off-putting smell? So, instead of using those chemical-laden balls, preserve your knitwear with lavender. Simply add a small bunch of dried lavender to a stocking or sock, tie it off, and pack it away with your garments. This natural storage trick helps to keep your warm-weather essentials refreshed and pest-free. And of course, the great smell of lavender is an added bonus!

Corral Sunglasses on Hooks or a Hanger

Sunglass cases take up a lot of space on the desk or in the drawer. But, you can’t store glasses in a pile either if you want to save the lenses from getting scratched. A few hooks or a cloth hanger can come in handy here. To showcase your colorful sunnies, hang them from a few colorful hooks attached to your wall. For a dust-proof and scratch-free storage, hook the glasses along the bottom rung of a hanger. Then cover the hanger with a plastic bag to keep your shades tidy until it’s their time to shine again.