4 Easy Yet Effective Steps to Finally Live Your Best Life in 2023

Each New Year comes with a resolution of desired self–improvements. But just as you make the list, you know that it’ll be difficult to stay encouraged and follow through the year. Here we’ve put together a few effective baby steps to help you to kick out bad habits, embrace good ones, and finally reach your 2023 self-help goals easily.

Speed Up Weight Loss by Joining a Group

Turning any individual endeavor into a group activity makes it less tedious and more fun. So, this year, join a gym or an online or in-person weight-loss support group to melt away those extra pounds. According to a study by Baylor College of Medicine, community-based weight loss programs are more effective than trying to shed pounds all alone. Connecting with others aiming the same will boost your motivation and provide you with more support, making it easier to reach your happy weight in 2023.

Smile More

Every year comes with its own problems and challenges. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t resolve to live fuller and cheerier in 2023. Keep smiling more in your mundane life, even if you have to fake it! As per a Stanford University Study, smiling broadly can boost your inner joy anytime, anywhere, even when you’re just faking it rather than feeling it. Stretch the sides of your mouth toward the ears. This muscle movement tells your brain that you’re already happy and then signals it to spur positive emotions to match.

Cuddle Your Pet to Eliminate Stress

Take the help of your furry friend whenever your stress levels start to rise. Stroking animals not only eases anxiety but can have long-term benefits even after you’ve stopped. Researchers have shown that cuddling an animal lowers the stress hormone cortisol, while increasing oxytocin, the same feel-good hormone that bonds mothers to babies. So, if you don’t have a pet, consider adopting one in 2023. Or simply cuddle with a shelter cat or stoke a friend’s pup.

Check a Step Counter and Walk More

You don’t have to do a lot to achieve your fitness goal in 2023. Just walking more regularly will do the job, as it strengthens your bones, heart, brain, lungs, and immune system. This year, clock more steps with a wearable fitness tracking device like a smartwatch or a pedometer. A University of South Australia study found that people using any wearable fitness tracker walk 1,800 more steps on average per day compared to others. An activity tracker will motivate you more by showing your daily progress in real-time.

Baby Chick Being Raised by Gay Flamingo Dads After Parents Abandoned Her

Everyone has heard about two human gay dads raising a kid together, but let’s talk about how beautiful and wholesome the story of this newborn chick is; she is being raised by Flamingo dads after she was left on her own to survive by her parents. Love has no limits and the duo is living proof of that.

Hudson and Blaze

When zookeepers found the egg abandoned, they decided to keep it in an incubator to ensure it survived and could be welcomed to the world. But, after observing Hudson and Blaze, the two gay flamingos, taking care of their shared nest, it was decided that these two were the ideal parents for the baby. Everyone believed the experienced pair would take great care of the chick and give it the love it deserved. In a press release, the Whipsnade Zoo showed how beautifully the pair took care of the unhatched egg, providing it with the warmth it needed. The team leader, Tim Savage, said, “Flamingos usually work together, as a monogamous pair, to care for their eggs and subsequent chicks.” He believed that the duo was the ideal choice for the egg as they always took good care of their babies.

Skipper and Ping

In August 2019, a pair of penguins made the news for a similar story — taking care of an egg they found unattended. One of the spokespersons for the zoo, Maximilian Jäger, said that zookeepers saw the two trying to hatch fish and stones. They found an egg abandoned by the only female penguin present at the zoo. The pair took turns taking great care of the unhatched egg and keeping it safe from the other penguins. The zookeepers just had to keep the egg close to them, and Skipper and Ping started loving and taking care of the egg. Stories like these always fill our hearts with love and respect towards all creatures.