4 Highly Recommended Preventive Health Checkups to do After Age 50

Any subtle health changes in the aging journey can cause serious troubles for anyone if left undiagnosed and untreated. Turning into 50 can be a seamless experience if certain health cautions are practiced regularly. Medical assessments are necessary here to get ahead of the situation, avoiding eventual acute conditions. Here are a few musts to do health checkups for elderly persons securing a fabulous 50 and upcoming years.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure checking at regular intervals is helpful at any age, but it is particularly necessary for those, who are aged over 50 years. This is also a general awareness concern, as 1 in 5 affected is unaware or ignorant about their problem, due to irregular or zero checkups. High blood pressure or hypertension causes a drastically higher risk of heart disease, kidney disease, heart and brain strokes, and chronic heart failure. On the other hand, low blood pressure or hypotension causes regular dizziness, nausea, and dehydration. Managing blood pressure is not a very difficult task, so just regular checking is truly beneficial.

Cholesterol Profile

This is another important checkup to prevent heart-related problems in elderly persons. Two types of cholesterols are checked here – HDL and LDL. High LDL levels are called ‘bad cholesterols,’ which hamper the blood flow through the arteries, eventually leading to chest pain, stroke, or heart attack. This type of cholesterol generally results from lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, weight gain, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure. But anyone can be at risk regardless of lifestyle practices, as genetics also can play a role here. So, timely diagnosis to address the problem is highly necessary.

Arthritis Assessment

Arthritis is a very common problem among seniors, irrespective of place. Most average knee replacement surgeries are performed within 45-65 of age. So, experiencing subtle aches and pains on the joints is not at all an uncommon symptom, after reaching 50. The problem can be addressed properly with supplementation and individualized arthritis care solutions, designed on one’s level of activity and health condition. If given proper care from the beginning, painful acute stage or surgical necessities can be prevented easily.

Vision Care

Another very common health concern of the elderly stage is vision impairment. At this stage of life, anyone can suffer from it, though poor diet, fatigue, certain lifestyle habits, and complex health issues like diabetes propel the condition. Routine eye care is important here to diagnose any problem beforehand and prevent further ill impact on the vision. Diet and lifestyle change, minor medication, and eye-care support like lenses or spectacles can do the trick easily. Getting ahead of any vision change is also necessary to avert successive serious eye problems, leading to painful surgery.