‘Grandmother Method’ Is the Best Way to Wash Your Body, New Investigation Finds

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Scientists at George Washington University’s Computational Biology Institute have delved into the world of microbiology, revealing a surprising advocate for optimal shower hygiene: the ‘Grandmother Method.’ In this study, the researchers explored the impact of our shower habits on the skin biome and the intricate ecosystem of microorganisms on our skin.

The Skin’s Ecosystem

The skin biome, consisting of countless tiny microorganisms, plays a crucial role in maintaining our health. These microorganisms require proper care. The researchers aimed to investigate variations across different skin areas, comparing commonly cleaned regions with often-neglected spots like behind the ears, between the toes, and the belly button.

Mrs. Crandall, grandma to Keith Crandall, the director of the Computational Biology Institute, was the inspiration behind the ‘Grandmother Method,’ imparting timeless wisdom by stating that the ideal shower includes these areas in your scrubbing routine. This advice laid the foundation for the study’s hypothesis that areas requiring conscious cleaning would host different bacteria due to neglect during showers.

Behind the Ears, Between the Toes, and the Belly Button

The study involved 129 students, collecting samples from well-tended areas like forearms and calves, and from overlooked spots like the navel. By sequencing the DNA in these samples, the researchers aimed to compare the microbial diversity between diligently cleaned regions and those requiring intentional attention.

The results validated Grandma Crandall’s advice, revealing that properly cleaned areas exhibited a more diverse biome, potentially harboring a healthier set of microbes compared to the neglected regions.

DNA Sequencing, Shower Habits, and Healthy Microbiomes

The research, published in Frontiers in Microbiology, highlighted that gender, ethnicity, and age showed no significant impact on the skin biome. However, within skin regions, bacterial diversity varied, indicating that skin bacterial stability might be region and subject-dependent.

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While a good microbiome contributes to healthy skin, the researchers emphasize the need for further investigation into the intricacies of skin microbiology. The key takeaway is that you should clean every nook and cranny of your body in the shower for a well-balanced and thriving skin biome!