4 Face Yoga Exercises to Improve Your Appearance

Face yoga combines facial exercises characterized by expressions, techniques, and movements that work the facial muscles. In theory, this regime tones and lifts the face by strengthening facial muscles. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plumps sagging skin, and also fills out the cheeks. Various scientific research also backs this theory by concluding that regular face yoga improves facial appearance and combats signs of aging. But, like everything, it takes time, so don’t expect to see any dramatic change overnight! You can always start your face yoga regime by following easy and useful exercises.

Forehead Smoothing

This face yoga technique helps reduce muscle tension and tightness. As a result, it also prevents wrinkles and fine lines by improving blood circulation to the forehead area. Take your right-hand palm and smooth it over your forehead from left to right. Now repeat the same with your left palm from right to left. During the movement, gently push across your forehead using enough pressure, but not so much so that you’re pulling your skin.

Cheek Presses

This particular face yoga move boosts blood circulation in your face by stimulating the cheek muscles. Hold up the pointer and middle fingers of both hands and press them gently into your cheekbones on both sides. The position should be just under your cheek apples. Then, lift them off. Now, continue doing it by pressing and lifting the fingers all along your cheeks, starting from the outer corners of your lips up towards the ears.

Eye Strengtheners

This eye movement exercise helps your facial muscles by using your forehead less and your eyes more. Stronger eye muscles help in preventing forehead wrinkling. Press one palm onto your forehead. Flick your gaze up, to the left and look down. Again flick your gaze up, now to the right, and look down. Repeat this face yoga move for a full minute.

Neck Stretch

This face yoga move eases tension in your face by stretching the muscle in your neck and also improves your neck posture in the long run. Face your palms inwards and interlace your fingers. Straighten your arms and push them away from you. You should feel a mild stretch in your shoulders. Deepen the stretching by looking down. Then move your chin up slowly to the left at an angle. Pause for a few seconds, then move your chin back to the center looking down. Slowly move it up again, but to the right side this time, and move it back again down to the center. Repeat the exercise for two minutes.