Add These Easy-to-Do Items to Your Kitchen

If you love to cook, then you must have fantasized about having the most fabulous-looking utensils, storage boxes, countertops, and whatnot. A kitchen is the heart of a home, and if your heart is happy, then you are too. However, no matter how amazing a kitchen renovation might feel, it can be a little on the expensive side. Worry not, here are three DIY ideas that you can try out to give your kitchen a new look without putting in a lot of investment.

Adding a Rotating Fruit Basket

You must have seen the viral rotating fruit basket all over TikTok. However, the price you need to pay to add this piece to your countertop can be a bit higher, here is how you can make one by yourself, using a few everyday items:

Items Needed:

● Hot Glue Gun

● Cake Pans – 2

● Paper Towel Holder – 1

● Crafty Jute Rope – 1

● Twine

● Zip Ties – 5

● Marbles

● Lightweight Baskets – 4


● Take a cake pan and glue the paper towel stand at its bottom.

● Now, start wrapping the jute rope from the pan bottom to the top of the paper towel stand.

● Next, use twine to tie the baskets to the stand in whatever pattern you wish. Make sure they are at different levels. To make sure they do not fall off, use the zip ties for stability.

● After that, in the second cake pan, add the marbles, and put the first pan with the towel holder over it.

There you have it. You can put in your veggies and fruits, or anything you wish to store in them.

DIY Cabinet Organizer

It’s frustrating when you have to go through a pile of items and all you need is a foil wrap. This two-step cabinet organizer can make your life super easy. To make this, all you need is an over-the-cabinet bar and a dish rack. Simply start by attaching the bar to the door of your cabinet. Wrap it up by inserting the first rack into the bar stand and fixing it correctly. There you have your organizer to place your plastic bags, foil wrap, and more.

Countertop Pillar Stand

If you want a countertop pillar stand that would cost you not more than a dollar, then try this at home. To make this, you need a bowl, plate, and an E6000 Glue Tube. Simply glue the bottom of your plate with the bottom of your bowl. Place a heavy item on the plate and let it set overnight.

Top 3 Natural Cures to Relieve Troublesome Night-Time Leg Cramps

Between busy days and warm weather, almost 60% of people suffer from night-time foot and leg cramps, being shocked awake at night without any warning! Fortunately, there are a few natural tricks to block such trouble and secure a sound snoozing.

Bedtime Pickle Treat

To avoid leg cramps, open a pickle jar before bedtime. Measure out around two shots of pickle juice and drink it before going to bed. According to the findings of North Dakota University, drinking this tart blend, rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium, helps to prevent night-time cramps. The blend helps by calming the overactive brain neurons, which are responsible for triggering sudden muscle contractions. If you don’t have pickles, just take half a cup of water, add a pinch of sea salt, a dash of lime juice, and drink.

Step Stretch Before Bed

Try this little trick the next time before you’re going to bed. Pause on a stair, hang your heels for 30 seconds over the stair’s edge, then lift onto your toes for two seconds. Continue to do the moves four times, and it’ll help in reducing overnight foot and leg cramps. According to the Journal of Physiotherapy, this very simple heel hang trick completely extends the leg muscles without the risk of overstretching them. As a result, your leg muscles will be perfectly prepped and ready for deep and restful sleep.

The Healthy Sleeping Pill

The research in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology suggests taking a B-complex vitamin before bed, as one of the best ways to secure a sound sleep. All because it’s a cramp-blocking vitamin, which is harder to absorb for your body, especially after 50 years of age. This vitamin supplement covers up the deficiency of the nutrients and ferries them with muscle-calming oxygen to the cell tissues, effectively blocking sleep-sapping foot and leg cramps for up to 86%.