How to Keep Your Cat Out of Your Christmas Tree: A Cat Trainer and a Vet Offer Tips

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For many cat owners, the joy of putting up a Christmas tree can quickly turn into frustration when their furry feline friends take a keen interest in the tree. The shiny objects, twinkling lights, and various textures are just too alluring for them to resist. Not only does this pose a risk of damage to the decorations and tree itself, but it can also potentially harm the cat. That’s why some experts have given some tips and tricks to help keep your cat away from your Christmas tree this holiday season.

Redirecting Their Attention

Encouraging your cat to explore a designated cat tree placed near your Christmas tree might redirect their attention. Making this alternative space equally engaging by adding toys or catnip could pique your feline’s curiosity.

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Positive reinforcement can work wonders too. Consider rewarding your cat with a treat or toy when they choose the cat tree over your holiday decorations. Another deterrent involves using aluminum foil. Cats generally dislike the feel of it. Placing sheets around the base of the tree could discourage climbing.

Eating the Tree and Ornaments

To prevent any decoration disasters caused by an overly playful cat, there are several smart solutions. Opt for unbreakable ornaments to avoid any mishaps. These come in various colors and textures that cats love to bat around without causing damage. For more delicate decorations, hang them on a smaller tree that your cat can’t access or use secure ties or clips instead of traditional hooks.

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If your cat has a penchant for nibbling on your Christmas tree, there are ways to discourage this behavior. Applying a bitter apple spray to the tree’s branches can deter your cat from munching on them. However, it’s essential to test the spray first to ensure it doesn’t harm the tree. Another option is using citrus or mint deterrent sprays, as the strong scents are unpleasant for cats but bring a pleasant holiday aroma to your home.

Drinking the Tree Water

If you’ve got a live Christmas tree, your cat might get curious about drinking the water in the tree stand. One way to deter your cat is by creating a barrier using tape in a crisscross pattern over the tree stand. This prevents your cat from reaching the water while allowing you to add more when needed. Alternatively, cutting a piece of cardboard to cover the stand’s reservoir and securing it in place can also keep your cat away.

Ultimately, your cat’s curiosity and mischief are part of what makes being a cat owner entertaining. These tricks can help deter them from messing with your Christmas tree, but at the end of the day, try to remember that they’re a beloved member of your family and not trying to upset you.

Cher and Alexander Edwards: A Complete Relationship Timeline

Cher and Alexander Edwards: A Complete Relationship Timeline

Cher and Alexander “A.E.” Edwards have been long in love and their relationship stands boldly against social norms and rules, separated by a 40-year age gap. Cher, age 77, and Edwards, age 37, started their journey when they went public in November 2022, and it has been a relationship filled with highs and lows.

October and November 2022

In October 2022 they met during Paris Fashion Week through a common friend. Cher found Edwards “so special” that she was prepared to bend her own rules that said no going out with younger men.

On November 1, Cher tweeted, “One part of my life is SO AMAZING,” and within a day a couple was photographed walking with rapper Tyga hand-in-hand. The same month, Cher also uploaded some images of Edwards and had a chat with her fans, describing the traits of her boyfriend that she would never trade for anything in the world. She described him as gentle, clever, and witty, highlighting how they suited each other.

December 25, 2022: Sparking Engagement Rumors

Cher posted an image of an outstanding pear-shaped diamond ring on Christmas Day, making many wonder whether the couple had gotten engaged during the holiday season.

She didn’t confirm or deny the rumors, but she did say in another tweet that she only posted the photo because Edwards’ nails were so cool.

Spring 2023

In her New Year’s Eve post, Cher referred to Edwards as daddy while sporting the supposed engagement ring on her middle finger. Cher also wore the ring while having a candlelit supper with Edwards a couple of days later. The two also had a magical moment at MAC’s event white sporting similar new blonde hair.

Spring 2023

Cher admitted they had been working on a music partnership. She was overjoyed with the songs she received from him. This collaboration implied how close they were, not only on a personal level but also in the workplace. But in May, it was reported that the couple separated “a few weeks ago.”

September and October 2023

However, a few months later in September, the couple was photographed hand in hand going out to dinner. This hinted towards a patch-up and sent shock amongst fans.

September and October 2023

As October 2023 rolled in, Cher and Edwards celebrated their one-year anniversary. Cher expressed her happiness, highlighting the joy and laughter in their relationship. Despite the odds, they were still going strong.