How to Keep Boiled Eggs From Cracking While Cooking

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Making perfect hard-boiled eggs may seem easy, but it can be disheartening when the eggs keep cracking. The result will still be perfectly edible, but you won’t get that perfectly even texture so many people crave. So, how do you keep eggs from cracking while cooking them? We’ve collected some expert-approved tips!

Use a Steamer

The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook author, Lisa Steele’s trick is to use a steamer rather than a pot for boiling eggs. She explained, “The benefit of steaming is that the eggs are sitting quietly in the steamer basket over the simmering water, not banging into each other loose in the pot. The heat is more gentle also, so as an added bonus, you don’t get that weird green ring around the yolks.”

How to Make Perfect Eggs

According to Steele, putting eggs in a steamer basket above boiling water is the way to go! She suggests placing the amount of eggs you want to make in a basket, making sure to leave space between each one. The reason for this is that you want each egg to be fully surrounded by steam. Steele then puts the basket over a pot of 1-2 inches of boiling water and covers the pot with a lid.

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She likes to cook her eggs until the yolk is hard-boiled, which takes roughly 10-12 minutes. The next step is to use tongs to transfer the eggs from the basket into ice water until they cool down. Lastly, pat the eggs dry, peel them, and enjoy your perfectly hard-boiled eggs!

Meghan Markle’s Suits Style – A Chic Journey Through Her Best Onscreen Looks

Meghan Markle’s Most Stylish Moments in Suits

Long before Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, she captivated audiences with her role as Rachel Zane on the hit legal drama Suits. The show has recently made a triumphant return on Netflix, drawing both loyal fans and new viewers alike. Let’s take a closer look at some of Markle’s most memorable fashion moments on the show.

Season 1: A Fresh Beginning

In her debut season, Meghan’s portrayal of Rachel Zane was marked by a sophisticated wardrobe defined by crisp tailoring and an array of complementary neutral separates. This early introduction showcased Rachel’s professional demeanor and her ability to effortlessly exude elegance.

Season 2: Signature Elegance

One of Rachel Zane’s signature looks emerged during Season 2—a classic button-down shirt paired with a delicate necklace. This ensemble not only became a recognizable part of Rachel’s style but also mirrored Meghan’s own affinity for timeless and understated elegance.

Season 3: Monochrome Magic

Season 3: Monochrome Magic

Meghan’s fashion sensibilities truly shone in Season 3, as she effortlessly pulled off a monochromatic look featuring a lavender top and a matching pencil skirt adorned with a dramatic ruffle. This standout moment demonstrated her ability to play with textures and tones. Continuing with her monochromatic approach, Meghan rocked a purple pencil skirt paired with a cozy heather sweater. This ensemble perfectly encapsulated Rachel’s relatable and stylish approach to everyday dressing.

Season 4: Business Chic

Rachel’s character took center stage in Season 4, and her wardrobe reflected her determination and professionalism. Meghan wowed audiences with her confident style, showcasing a white button-down shirt paired with a pale blue pencil skirt, elegantly matching her handbag to her brown heels.

Season 5: Timeless Elegance

As the series progressed, Rachel’s style evolved to include timeless and elegant ensembles. Meghan effortlessly portrayed Rachel’s poised demeanor in a pink satin sheath, while a white blouse and curve-hugging skirt epitomized classic sophistication.

Season 6: Rising to the Occasion

Rachel’s growth as a character was mirrored in her wardrobe choices. Meghan showcased her character’s rising career trajectory with a black illusion top featuring puff sleeves and a dove gray skirt, demonstrating her ability to balance professionalism with style.

Season 7: A White Affair

Season 7: A White Affair

In Season 7, Meghan’s character burned the midnight oil in bright white attire, hinting at the possibility of an onscreen wedding. This playful yet sophisticated look highlighted her character’s dedication and hard work. Meghan bid adieu to her role as Rachel Zane after her engagement to Prince Harry. Her departure marked the end of an era, as Rachel’s style and dedication to her work left an indelible mark on the show.