Remember Patty Simcox From ‘Grease’? Today, She’s 70 and Gorgeous

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The 1987 movie Grease left a lasting impression on its audiences with the story, the music, and the actors’ top-notch performances. While many of the stars of the movie went on to bigger roles, Susan Buckner, who played Patty Simcox, the perky and preppy cheerleader at Rydell High, decided to keep it low-key. The actress, now 70, has moved away from movie roles but remains connected with her fans.

Life Before Grease

Before being chosen to play the cheerleader, the actress was already making a name for herself. In the early 1970s, she went on to participate and win accolades in the Miss Washington and Miss America pageants, one of which was first place in the preliminary swimsuit segment.

This string of achievements led to the actress being chosen as one of Dean Martin’s Golddiggers, sparking her interest in songwriting and music. She went on to become part of ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Buckner and Pratt’, an all-girl group and a musical duo, respectively. Meanwhile, the actress was also engaged as a dancer and was seen on shows like The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. The truly versatile actress also ventured into synchronized swimming from 1976 to 1977.

After Grease

After appearing in the movie Grease, Buckner’s acting career gradually took a backseat. She was part of various movies and TV shows around the 1980s, including The Bear and The Love Boat in 1979, When the Whistle Blows in 1980, and the Wes Craven horror movie Deadly Blessing in 1981.

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However, she began keeping a low profile, only to be seen at fan interactions and in events promoting Grease, like the release event for the Grease Rockin’ Rydell Edition DVD that took place in 2006. Now a mother of two boys, Buckner lives a quiet life in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Miami, sometimes appearing with her Grease co-stars at events like the 2018 theater expo in New Jersey.