Kelly Clarkson’s Post-Divorce Bangs Are Everything!

Photo by Arturo Holmes // Getty Images

Every woman has gotten a drastic breakup haircut at some point in her life. Amongst those haircuts are bangs, which stand out as the style many women regret getting. After all, your heart will heal faster than those bangs will grow out. Luckily, post-bangs regret isn’t in the cards for Kelly Clarkson. Her post-divorce haircut is absolutely fabulous!

A New Look

Kelly Clarkson debuted her new look on an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show in November. Since then, she’s displayed various ways of styling her new bangs, such as a New Year’s look the singer shared on Instagram.

Instagram // @kellyclarkson

The long, wispy bangs are perfectly flirtatious for whenever Clarkson is ready to dip a toe back into the dating pool.

The Split

Clarkson divorced Brandon Blackstock in 2020, after several years of legal battles. The singer called the divorce process “depressing,” and “extraordinarily hard,” and said that it made her feel alone. Luckily, Clarkson is now feeling much better, and is gearing up to take over the world in 2024! The singer adamantly stated that she’s “taking my power back.” You and your bangs, Kelly!

This Hero Dog Alerted His Family to a Fire and Saved Lives — And Then Students’ Donation Saved His Life

This Hero Dog Alerted His Family to a Fire and Saved Lives — And Then Students’ Donation Saved His Life

Steve Mehnert and Jen Vaughn, a couple who lives in Wisconsin, were having a barbecue with their dog, Koda, who is a great Pyrenees-Lab mix. He was large but gentle, and the couple always felt like he was special. One day, he proved them right by saving their lives.

Koda’s Urgent Howl

Following their evening barbecue, the couple headed to bed, leaving Koda to rest downstairs. It was the start of an ordinary night, but at five in the morning, Koda’s behavior took an unusual turn and he began howling persistently. The grill ashes, previously discarded in a metal bucket, had reignited due to strong winds, threatening the back of the house. When Steve opened the door, the flames rushed in, triggering the fire alarm.

Koda’s Urgent Howl

Jen dialed 911 and raced to safety, struggling through the smoky staircase. The couple’s panic grew as they realized Koda was still inside. Steve’s attempts to rescue him were thwarted by the smoke, leaving them in fear for their beloved dog’s life. Firefighters soon arrived, and two of them, J.P. Kronschnabel and Brandon Rachwal, embarked on a mission to find Koda amidst the raging flames.

Koda’s Lifesaving Miracle

Miraculously, Koda was found sprawled and motionless on the kitchen floor and it seemed as though Koda’s fate was sealed. But he was destined to survive, thanks to a remarkable gift from the past.

Three years earlier, students from Brookfield Central High School’s Promoting Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) had raised funds and donated pet-sized oxygen masks to their local fire department. While the masks had not been used until now, they proved invaluable. A few days later, Koda was reunited with his family, all thanks to the oxygen he received. The PAWS club members were invited to meet Koda and witness the life-changing impact of their thoughtful gift.