Guess the Celebrity Who Made Princess Diana Blush

Anyone can be starstruck while standing near their favorite celebrity. Even Princess Diana had her fair share of starstruck moments! One of her photographers has recently shared a nostalgic snap from a memorable event night and revealed who made the princess blush.

The Memorable Event

The event was arranged in Washington DC when Princess Diana and Prince Charles visited in 1985. The night came with many memorable moments, and the world has seen a carousel of images of the princess dancing her night away with several Hollywood hunks. The photos of Diana being twirled around by none other than John Travolta, are particularly unforgettable! However, the photographer of the princess, Pete Souza, who took the pic that night, claimed that it wasn’t the hunky actor who turned Diana’s cheeks pink. Also, the others from the handsome league, like Clint Eastwood, or Tom Selleck, didn’t make that mark, even though Princess Diana mingled with all of them that night.

The Mystery Man

As Pete Souza recalled, it was Neil Diamond who had a noticeable impact on Princess Diana on that special night. Souza recently shared a snap from that night on his Instagram page, where the princess is seen dancing with Diamond while sporting a visibly rosy cheek. While pink cheeks were only natural with the glowing beauty of Diana, the extra blush shade was quite obvious in the photo! As Souza recalled, Neil Diamond sang with the band at the event. He distinctly remembered the crooner singing You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, and continued his performance as Diana danced with him. That was enough for the princess to get visibly flustered. The Diana-Diamond moment was one of the most notable from that star-studded night. And to be fair, we can’t blame Princess Diana! Who wouldn’t visibly blush if being serenaded by a Grammy-winning superstar singer like Neil Diamond?

Top-Notch Edible Objects That Are a True Tasty Surprise

Cakes have always been a way to not only have a tasty treat but also have a centerpiece of an event that’s visually stunning and will enhance the experience of all participants. A very talented cake artist from New Jersey started creating edible objects that are so realistic that seeing them cut into cake pieces feels strange yet quite satisfying. With numerous projects already behind him, this artist has truly proven his skill and creativity many times over and the images of his work on Instagram always create a buzz!

Top-Notch Edible Objects That Are a True Tasty Surprise

Edible Artistry

Luke Vincentini is a cake artist that found his passion for creating edible art that mimics ordinary, everyday objects. His baked creations are highly realistic and certainly quite tasty as well. There are many types of events that are themed and could use a cake just like one of these to be the centerpiece of the occasion. With his work ranging from handbags and shoes to realistic Dorito bags, fruits, logs, beer cans, and even egg cartons, there seem to be no limits to this enthusiastic artist’s capabilities and creativity.

Top-Notch Edible Objects That Are a True Tasty Surprise

Difficult but Rewarding Work

Vincentini says that some of his creations take up to 14 hours to complete. With so much attention to detail, that is a lot of work to put into one cake. But, the results are always outstanding and the cake artist finds joy and fulfillment in what he does. There are many pictures of his edible art that can be seen on Vincentini’s Instagram page. Every picture showcases the finesse and eye-catching details of each project, and the frames in which they are cut to reveal a cake are truly fun to see. For anyone looking to throw a themed party and find a cake that will mislead and excite their guests, it’s good to know that there are such talented cake artists out there to turn to.

Top-Notch Edible Objects That Are a True Tasty Surprise